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Located between Tagaytay and Nasugbu, around 80 kilometers south of Metro Manila, Batulao is a nurturing middle ground that’s ideal for those who love the cool vistas of Tagaytay and the welcoming beaches of Batangas.


Batulao is a contraction of the phrase “bato sa ilaw” or “illuminated rocks” based on a unique celestial event that occurs every December, when the sun rises between the two main peaks of Mount Batulao, bathing the landscape in an ethereal glow.

The region is characterized by verdant open land, copious trees, a cool climate, and fresh air. Nearby city conveniences and lifestyle destinations abound, although nothing beats the core offering of Batulao: nature and high wonder.

It’s this splendid spot of rocks and rolling hills – 35 minutes from the beaches of Nasugbu, 20 minutes from the misty roads of Tagaytay, and 2.5 hours from Metro Manila – that makes life here a unique and unparalleled experience.

A true local community of global citizens

With modern, reasonably priced townhomes available for Filipino and foreign buyers, Commune Village is a neighborhood built on multiple languages, cultures, and ways of living – a true local
community of global citizens.

Commune Village is a diverse neighborhood, with residents from all over the world and all walks of life. It’s important to foster community through dynamic spaces where people can enjoy the great outdoors, whether with family and friends, or simply by themselves.


Simplify your life by letting go of the unnecessary and embracing life‘s true essentials.

At Commune Village, quality time is your most valuable asset.

You work to live, not live to work.


Commune Village is anchored by four pillars:



Commune Village features integrated lifestyle and commercial amenities, from pools and play areas to retail shops and generous outdoor space, all to make life easygoing and comfortable. Being close to nearby essentials and establishments also gives residents more choices and better convenience.



Commune Village is wired and ready to provide high-speed internet, cable, and telecommunications connections to every household.

This guarantees that all residents, including business owners and people who work from home, will have outlets and lines ready to be connected to their service provider of choice.



Commune Village is strategically located next to the national highway, providing easy access for people from north and south.

Local transportation hubs and also readily accessible, as are major retail landmarks, local destinations, and other major infrastructure (existing/planned/and currently under construction).



Commune Village is built with sustainability in mind. From solarpowered street lights and water pumps that reduce consumption; solar panel-ready roofs*; UV film* on house windows that regulate heat and cool air; and induction cookers that are energy-efficient, Commune Village features initiatives that can be further expanded to lower maintenance costs, decrease homeowner dues, and increase the vitality of the community.

*Applicable to Sansa and Kaizen homes only
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