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Sansa is a Japanese word which means “charm, praise, invocation”. White and ash gray exteriors provide a stark visual counterpoint amid the trees and foliage. Spacious rooms defy the minimalist interior footprint. The whole house feels larger than life, yet peaceful and soothing.


Sansa’s façade features a slight protrusion in the wall, emphasizing the entrance and the house’s welcoming spirit. A thick awning over the front
door provides sunshade for those entering and doubles as a balcony for the bedroom above.

A driveway sits to one side of the house, keeping the façade clear; windows and awnings provide thoughtful light and weather protection around the home.

2-storey duplex // CTS area: 100.84 sqm


Sansa’s interiors follow a classic open plan layout, with free-flowing air and line of sight throughout the first floor. Bedrooms, toilets, kitchen, and utility areas are all easily accessible and within reach.

Ground floor

Open plan living, kitchen, and dining space. Strategic window placement and layout for maximum airflow.

T&B. Utilities and patio at the back.

Second floor

Three bedrooms, two with a balcony (one overlooking the front, one at the back). One communal T&B.

Master bedroom has its own T&B.

Comes as standard bare with essential fittings

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